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Benefits And Uses of Natural Stones

Throughout history, natural stone has been used as a prime building material. In fact, many of the great monuments from ancient Egypt and Greece were made out of natural stone and still standing today. This is a true testament to the strength, durability and endless luster of marble, granite, and other natural mediums. The ancient Greeks were among one of the first groups of people to bring natural stone into the home, boasting pools, baths and fountains that were lined with marble; a theme which has very much been carried through to modern-day society.

Today, many homeowners opt for natural stone over other building materials for a variety of reasons. The benefits of using a natural stone medium in home construction or for an indoor/outdoor home remodel are endless.


Natural stone is known for its durability and ability to withstand the test of time. Granite, specifically, is unmatched when it comes to strength – and makes for a great material to use for more complex structural home projects, such as building walls, monuments, and supports.  Natural stone is undoubtedly more durable than most other artificial products on the market; showing minimal wear and tear over time, and it offers homeowners a sustainable option for indoor and outdoor home design.

Environmentally Friendly

Sourcing, extracting and processing natural stone to use as a building material has virtually no impact on the environment; making it a sensible and eco-friendly solution for all of your housing needs. Unlike many other artificial building products, stone is found naturally and requires little energy for its manufacture. Modern techniques for extracting stone are extremely efficient and help to reduce environmental impact.

Also, natural stone releases no chemicals or off-set toxic gasses that can diminish indoor air quality and put the health of you and your family at risk. They are also easily recyclable – so if a homeowner decides they no longer want to use natural stone in one room of the house, they can simply find a use for it elsewhere. Natural stone also helps to improve energy efficiency within your home. It absorbs ambient temperature, too, meaning that it can store heat from the sun or cold air from air conditioning systems. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent, well-balanced temperature within your home all year round.


Natural stone is also a great option for those who suffer from allergies. Granite, slate or marble floors, for example, offer a more hygienic option than carpets, which easily attract dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants. Natural stone is safe to use around food, as well; making it a viable option for countertops, sinks and other common kitchen items. It is also naturally incombustible, waterproof and mould-proof – making it an excellent choice for rooms in your house that are more prone to water or fire damage, such as the bathroom or living room.

Versatility and Design

Natural stone comes in many different colours, hues, textures, shapes and sizes, making it one of the most versatile materials used in home reconstruction. Natural stone can also be integrated into virtually any style; from contemporary to more traditional design. Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about natural stone is the fact that it is so unique; no two stones are exactly the same, meaning you will always have a design that is distinct to your own personal taste and style. Homeowners have found creative ways to incorporate natural stone in virtually every room of their homes – a feat few other building materials can match. In addition, natural stone ages well; retaining its natural beauty and lustre with minimal care. This is unlike many manufactured mediums that don’t fare well over time and need to be replaced rather consistently.

Cost Effective

While natural stone may initially cost you more, the high price tag is typically offset by relatively low long-term maintenance costs and longevity. Natural stone requires little to no regular maintenance, and because of its durability and untested strength, will last for years to come.

Easy to Maintain

Natural stone requires little to no regular maintenance on behalf of the homeowner. Unlike hardwood, ceramic or laminate floors, for instance, natural stone does not need to be scrubbed, polished, waxed or wiped each and every day. While spills do happen – and it is important to clean natural stone as you would any other surface in your home – it is not a huge ordeal that requires a lot of time or energy. For granite and marble, specifically, cleaning is as easy as dampening a sponge and wiping the surface down with some water. A microfiber cloth can also be used to dust surfaces intermittently. PH-neutral specialty cleaners can be used, but are not always necessary. It is also helpful to utilize felt pads, floor mats and coasters to minimize any scratches to the surface of your stone floor, countertop or vanity.

Natural stone has been used as a construction medium for ages – and for good reason. The benefits of using natural stone throughout your home are vast, varied and seemingly endless. Natural stone is an excellent material to use in virtually every room of your home – offering a high level of durability, versatility and a timeless design that will be sure to satisfy.

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