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5 Privacy Screen Fence Ideas

If you’re interested in installing a wooden fence around your home, there are a variety of different styles that you can choose from. Whether it’s a traditional wood fence you’re looking for or something that has a bit more design and flair to it, there’s a wide range of styles available these days to suit your particular taste. Here are some design examples that might just get you inspired when choosing your new wooden fence.

Contemporary Style and Stains

One of the great features about wooden fencing is that there are a variety of stains and colours that you can choose from. For example, if you’re looking for a more contemporary look for your outdoor space, think about switching up the traditional vertical layout of planks and instead, utilizing narrow, horizontal cedar fencing. These are becoming increasingly popular for that modern look, while adding on a dark stain to really let your garden features pop against that background.

Exotic Bamboo

Bamboo has become one of those wonder-woods because it is so versatile, resilient and stunning to look at. It brings that exotic look to any space. You can create your ultimate Zen garden by having bamboo screens erected to provide that perfect subtle barrier for privacy.

Organic Fencing

Looking for something a bit more natural and rustic? Sometimes it’s the simplistic designs that can really make a bold statement. If you’re not a fan of the modern look, try opting for an organic fencing of rustic cedar logs to line your garden space.

Timeless Victorian

If vintage designs and architecture of the Victorian era catch your eye, then why not incorporate that love into your fencing design? There are old, cottage-style fences available that will satisfy your love for that vintage look.

Statement Entranceway

Having a strong, visually appealing entranceway can really exude that design element and take your entire curb appeal to a whole new level. You can easily achieve this with the combination of materials such as stone columns, combined with a cedar gate and a pergola on top to really highlight that design.

So start thinking outside of the wooden fence and start thinking about how you can create the ultimate fence that can really embody your style. Whether it’s chic and modern, rustic and organic, or timeless and traditional, get inspired to get creative with your fence and make it a feature that you can feel proud to walk through.

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